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Adding Images on Ravelry Posts

Images can be added to Ravelry posts from any website, but Vanna’s Choice Yarn isĀ used for the purpose of this tutorial for my online friends in the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club Group on Ravelry.

1. Go to the Vanna’s Choice Yarn website: and click on the type of yarn: Vanna’s Choice, Vanna’s Choice Baby, or Vanna’s Choice Glamour

2. Right click on the color image and select Properties

3. When the Properties box appears, copy the Address URL link:

4. Go back to the Ravelry post that you want to add images to and click Edit. Once you are in the Edit screen, click on the Image Icon, which is the 6th icon from the left.

5. A dialog box will appear, which is where you paste your copied URL Address link to. Make sure to highlight the “http://” in the box and then paste over it.

6. After you have pasted the link into the box, Click OK and then there should look something like this in your post:

![image title][1]


7. You can also add the color name to the image by typing over the word Image Title

8. After you are done adding in the images, click Save Changes or Post Reply if you are not editing the post.

9. The color image should then appear in your post.