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Mystery Afghan – Clues #1 and #2

I was so excited to start this that I immediately started clues #1 and #2 when I got the email with the clues. I am making this with fall colors and I am hoping that these colors will be the perfect colors for a fall afghan. In these clues, the main color is used in the last round and then there are accent colors that are used for the inside.

Basically, there are 6 motifs and then also one extra filler motif. Each of the 6 motifs are made 8 times each for a total of 48 motifs. The extra filler motifs call for to make 12 so there will be 50 motifs total. I am not sure about how all of these will be joined as that is part of the mystery 🙂

Clue #1: Round Tuit

Clue #1 is made with mustard, beige, and honey has the main color. I have made two of these so far and I still need to make 6 more to have the 8 total.

Clue #2: Spiral Hexagon

Clue #2 is made with scarlet, olive, terracotta, and honey. My spiral hexagon does not look the way it should as I had joined the other two colors in the wrong place. I still have 6 more of these that I need to make so hopefully my next spirals will look better.

The actual colors are much darker than that of the photo. The photo of clue #1 shows the actual colors better.


Mystery Afghan

JulieAnny’s Mystery Afghan – VC Group

I have recently started a Mystery Afghan through the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club Group on Ravelry. This mystery afghan was created by JulieAnny on ravelry. There are 9 clues to this afghan and 1 or 2 clues are sent out via email every week.

Chosen Colors: Honey – Cranberry – Terracotta – Olive – Brick – Fern – Mustard – Beige – Scarlet

Color Guide

Main Color (MC): 7 skeins – Honey

Color A: 2 skeins – Cranberry

Color B: 1 skein – Terracotta

Color C: 1 skein – Olive

Color D: 1 skein – Brick

Color E: 1 skein – Fern

Color F: 1 skein – Mustard

Color G: 1 skein – Beige

Color H: 1 skein – Scarlet